Congratulations to Kirk (GCH Asgard's Kiekegaard) and his people for taking Best of Breed ! Check out the winners and competitors of the March 15 & 16 Specialty show.

If you're at our site looking for a German Shepherd puppy, we don't endorse breeders. We do, however, recommend that you find one who signed the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (part of the American Kennel Club, or AKC) Breeder's Code.

DVGSDC 18th Annual Herding Test and Trial is over. Congratulations to Border Collie Guy for high combined score and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Matt for high scoring Corgi. And to Border Collies Jackson, Sweet and Nellie for their wins.

Above, Trial Chair Karen Toth and Chair Marsha Obenauer keeping the paperwork straight.

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The human and canine members (including honorary German Shepherds!) welcome you to our club website. For you, we offer:

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  • Visibility - for your exceptional dogs.

We welcome you to join our club, participate at our events and those of our partners, learn, and enjoy the company of others with whom you share a love for the incredible, smart, versatile, and beautiful German Shepherd Dog. Contact DVGSDC about becoming a member.

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