Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club


What You’ll Need – Ear Cleaning


  • Ear cleaning solution

  • Cotton balls or pads, or a soft cotton cloth


Who can mistake those delta-shaped erect ears of the German Shepherd dog? Owners are fortunate to not
have to contend with the many problems associated with the droopy-eared breeds .but ear care is a good part of your grooming routine. Use commercially available ear cleaning solutions applied to cotton balls, pads, or a cloth to gently remove any visible dirt or waxy substance from the visible surfaces inside the dog’s ear. As you do with yourself, do not push any foreign objects down into the ear canal. Check to see if the solution you’re using is safe to be squirted into the ear canal (which your dog will protest) or kept only on the upper parts of the ear.


Your dog may make any ear discomfort known to you by excessive head shaking or scratching. That, and any
touch sensitivity, discharges or strong odors, swelling or redness, blood blisters or lumps are signs that you need to take your dog to the vet. Using a cleaning solution when any of these signs are present will be painful for your dog.