Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club German Shepherd ownership and activities.

Fun with Your German Shepherd

When we got our German Shepherd, Misty (Showboat’s Parmour – CD, TC, CGC, TD – breeder, Kay Springer of Showboat Shepherds), we knew that this breed needs a job. Misty got her first obedience title but lost interest; too much of the same thing repeated over and over. So we tried tracking.

I gravitated toward tracking for one simple reason:  I enjoy being outdoors. It also seemed to me that sniffing comes naturally to dogs (my late husband Don referred to dogs sniffing areas where other dogs have relieved themselves as, “Checking pee-mail”) and that the sport would be fun.

Members of the Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club participate in all that these wonderful, talented dogs can do. Showing in the conformation ring to continue making this breed the best. Going to trails in obedience and obedience "lite" or rally obedience.​ Herding, of course (they are shepherds, not just police dogs). Feats of daring do weaving the poles, and running the ramps and tunnels in agility. Showing the nose knows in the sport version of detection dog, nose work. And being super companions. Here are some of our members and their stories. We have a separate page for shows and trials.

Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club